[jdev] XMPP RTP session negotiation yes/no?

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Thu Mar 4 08:11:12 CST 2004

to effectively control rtp sessions we need xmpp commands for:

for general
* browsing server for open sessions
* transmitting session list with session parameters
* ban a user from the media server
* transfer quota of user exceeded
* transfer quota of session exceeded
[ what about pay-per-view ?]

for 1-to-1
* ring another user
* establish an rtp session p2p
* transmit session parameters for p2p
* establish a 1-to-1 session on the server
* join a 1-to-1 session on the server

for MMUC
* join a public session on the server
* leave a session on the server
* secure/make private a session on the server
* join a secured multi user session on the server
* create a persistent session on the server
* kick a user from a session
* invite a user to a session
* individually mute a user in a conference
* ban a user from a session
* change voice rights / dependent/independent (?) from underlaying MUC
* session close initiated from server

this list looks comprehensive to me. is there some support on the 
mailing list for this list of commands and for this approach?

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