[jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Thu Mar 4 13:47:09 CST 2004

Jochen Wolters wrote:

>>> Therefore, IMHO, we must require a Jabber AV client to support at least
>>> one specified codec to ensure this interoperability.
>> Once again, codec has nothing to do with jabber.  We can suggest
>> options, and in the end, chances are, no client developers are going to
>> write thier OWN software to do things like RTP.
> There is no _technical_ need to require a certain codec, but if you 
> want Jabber to also succeed as a main stream platform, a common 
> denominator is indeed necessary. For a non-geek user, the beauty of, 
> e.g., Apple's iChat AV is that it just works: there is no need for the 
> user to configure any behind-the-scenes technical details.
> To allow Jabber as a platform to provide a similarly user-friendly 
> approach, the client should be able to create a video-chat connection 
> without requiring user intervention (beyond initiating the call, of 
> course...). Which is hard to implement if it is not ensured that all 
> Jabber clients support a common standard of AV signal. Of course, 
> there is no reason why clients should not _additionally_ provide 
> further codecs, as long as they _also_ support a common standard.
> Actually, there may be no need to modify the protocol as outlined in 
> JEP-0095 at all. Still, a specification of one common standard codec 
> for use in Jabber-based AV sessions should be required. Why not simply 
> put this into a compliance test, similar to the XMPP ones?
putting this into a compliance test is a very good idea. But I'd not go 
native streaming with one fixed codec, going compliant to RTP seems 
simply better - it's not reinventing like substituting a round wheel 
with an eightsided one ...


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