[jdev] XMPP RTP session negotiation yes/no? was: Re: [jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Fri Mar 5 03:56:17 CST 2004

Thomas Charron wrote:

>>And the stream comes with some unknown codec inside. There is need for
>>some protocol to negotiate what codecs or other parameters should be used.
>When utilizing RTP, a select few packets come in that are known as RTCP
>packets.  They contain minimal control information, including, *TADA* the
>encoding format..
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>jdev at jabber.org
well ... some sort of codec info and session info should be negotiated 
upon, i.e. is it a high bandwidth media, a user wants to transmit or 
recieve or is the media exchange suitable for modem users?
of course a media session should contain some informations about the 
type of media, i.e. video or audio, we can't negotiate a session without 
even knowing what type of session we will negotiate, i.e. do i want to 
talk to you or do i want to see you?

but basically, what comes through is the split between media session 
(RTP based) and control session (XMPP based).


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