[jdev] P2P v's CS

Colin Bell colinb at gatewest.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 03:34:52 CST 2004

On 7 Mar 2004, at 22:17, Carsten Breuer wrote:

> - It's not cross platform!
> - You need the latest XP components update.
> - Runs only on XP and Poecket PC.

Just a note to say:

AIM 5.5 is compatible with the new iChat on Mac.
Quote from http://www.apple.com/ichat/:
"Videoconference with millions on Mac or PC
iChat AV 2.1 Public Beta supports videoconferencing with the new AOL 
Instant Messenger 5.5 for Windows. This means you now have immediate 
access to the millions of people in both the Mac and PC communities."
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