AW: [jdev] P2P v's CS

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Mon Mar 8 05:04:13 CST 2004


> > - It's not cross platform!
> > - You need the latest XP components update.
> > - Runs only on XP and Poecket PC.
> Just a note to say:
> AIM 5.5 is compatible with the new iChat on Mac.
> Quote from
> "Videoconference with millions on Mac or PC

Thanks for that info. This is a bit better, but not much. 
There is nothing for linux and they only support XP, 
so they ALSO push the people in the XP direction. 
AIM have the chance to create new standards, but they 
dont. Perhaps this is good for jabber, because if they 
dont do it, we can do it.

So keep on coding.

Best Regards,


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