[jdev] sm in Jabber2 dies

Damon Register damon.w.register at lmco.com
Mon Mar 15 07:27:58 CST 2004

I originally posted this in the jadmin list but perhaps that was the
wrong list?  There was no response.

This problem has really got me stuck.  I have successfully installed and
setup jabberd2 version 2.0s2 using mysql.  Using Exodus, I can register
a new user and connect with no trouble.  The problem comes when I try to
import the users from my 1.4.2 setup using
One person on this list said that the script messed up the realm and
didn't put entries in the active table.  Fixing the realm problem was
easy and I was able to put the data into mysql.  The active table
problem didn't seem like it would be a problem because I read in
http://www.jabberdoc.org/app_faq.html "I just created a user in the
database. Why can't I login as the user I just created?"  so I
uncommented the auto-create tag in sm.xml.  When I try to log in with
one of the users in the imported list, sm crashes with

ERROR: sm died.  Shutting down server.
JBRD: Got a signal... pass it on.
JBRD: It was a TERM.  Shut it all down!

Next I tried manually adding a users to mysql as in the FAQ.  This
worked and sm didn't crash.  Can anyone help with this?  Why does sm
crash on a user that has been added to authreg by this script but not
on a user that has been manually added to authreg?

While trying to figure this out, I tried to find information about the
mysql tables.  I would like to know the meaning or purpose of each table
and field but http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/dev/ I see nothing about
the mysql tables.  Is there any document describing the tables?

Damon Register

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