[jdev] nonblocking RPCCall() in Net::Jabber, can it work?

Scott Bolte listS+jabber-jdev at niss.com
Mon Mar 15 19:40:54 CST 2004

Ryan Eatmon wrote:
> Ok... I had a brain fart. =)

	Sure glad that never happens to me!

> What exactly are you trying to write that requires such a lengthy 
> processing time?  RPC is meant to be be instantanious response, not 
> hours/days/weeks/etc...

	I need to coordinate updates of loosely coupled, highly
	distributed hosts. I want to send messages to all the hosts
	then have them delivered, eventually, even if a host was
	down.  Are there existing examples of using Jabber for this
	sort of thing?

	This application is actually a free public DNS system. The
	original infrastructure was written years ago with tightly
	integrated hosts and modest growth in mind. The next
	generation infrastructure needs to support donated hosts
	with variable reliability and limited connectivity.

> <iq/>s are not stored offline.  Only <message/>s.

	That's good to know. I can use RPC for status checks.  For
	updates I'll need to switch to augmented <message/>s.


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