[jdev] nonblocking RPCCall() in Net::Jabber, can it work?

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Mon Mar 15 20:56:17 CST 2004

Scott Bolte wrote:
> Ryan Eatmon wrote:
>>Ok... I had a brain fart. =)
> 	Sure glad that never happens to me!
>>What exactly are you trying to write that requires such a lengthy 
>>processing time?  RPC is meant to be be instantanious response, not 
> 	I need to coordinate updates of loosely coupled, highly
> 	distributed hosts. I want to send messages to all the hosts
> 	then have them delivered, eventually, even if a host was
> 	down.  Are there existing examples of using Jabber for this
> 	sort of thing?

Open examples?  Not that I know of.  Closed, yes.  I've done a few for 
my company.  Basically, you can embed a custom namespace in a message 
that will be picked up next time the receiver logs in (or immediately if 
they are still online.)

> 	This application is actually a free public DNS system. The
> 	original infrastructure was written years ago with tightly
> 	integrated hosts and modest growth in mind. The next
> 	generation infrastructure needs to support donated hosts
> 	with variable reliability and limited connectivity.

Ooo... cool.

>><iq/>s are not stored offline.  Only <message/>s.
> 	That's good to know. I can use RPC for status checks.  For
> 	updates I'll need to switch to augmented <message/>s.

Well... that is sort of what presence is for.  Determining if the other 
end is online.  RPC would be useful to gather stats from the online 
endpoints though.

> 		Scott
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