[jdev] Component, Gateway or S2S?

Daniel Tietze daniel.tietze at go4teams.com
Wed Mar 17 04:14:19 CST 2004

Hi, all.

I am currently looking to add XMPP connectivity to
our (proprietary) EIM application. Specifically, I
want to add an extension to our IM server allowing
users of our IM client to communicate with users
in the Jabber/XMPP world.

For a number of reasons, I do *not* want to add
support for connecting to our EIM server using
any Jabber-compliant client.

I realize that what I would need to do is announce
users of our EIM service to the XMPP world and
deliver presence and message packets to XMPP-based
clients via a connection to some XMPP server.

What would be the "correct" way of designing this?
Would I be developing a "component" (i.e. using
the "jabber:component" namespace to talk to the
XMPP server), or would I rather be looking at
Server-to-server support (the "jabber:server"
namespace)? Is S2S actually supported in current
XMPP servers or would I be limiting myself by
doing it this way?

I guess I *could* also use "jabber:client" and have
our IM server masquerade as X number of clients,
but somehow that does not appear to be the cleanest
(and most resource-saving) approach.

Our IM system is 100% Java - is there a Java library
(LGPL, or commercially licensed/licensable) that could
get us nearer towards our goal?

I'd appreciate any helpful pointers on this issue.

Best regards,


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