[jdev] Search all users in JUD 0.5

Damon Register damon.w.register at lmco.com
Wed Mar 17 15:13:28 CST 2004

I know this subject has come up before with JUD 0.4 and with that
patch, I got it to work well.  It seems that with the current version,
I see the config file option to allow search for all users when browsing
to jud.host/users but this isn't of much value because I can't add them
to the roster as I could with the patched JUD 0.4.  At
there is a discussion on this but I found it a little confusing.

After looking at the suggested patch a few times, I think I finally
figured it out.  Am I correct in thinking that

if(flag_searched && !flag_mismatch)

is to be replaced with

if(!flag_searched || (flag_searched && !flag_mismatch))

If it is only that, I think I can handle it.

Damon Register

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