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<quote by='chaitali patil' at='Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 12:43:37PM +0000'>
> hi,
>       i just wanted to know the importance of resource option provided by
> jabber servers (and the associated priorities). 
>       it is mentioned in some docs that different resources can be used by a
> single person to login from various places. but why would one want to access
> same account from different places, without loggin out from the previous one???
>  And isn't it  unreliable to allow keeping one resource open and use another. 

Aside from the use of two clients, another good example of this feature at work is with
'bots' which login under your username to perform certain tasks.  If Jabber hadn't allowed
for multiple resources your user would need to logout for a bot to login, do its job and
logout again, and not only that but the bot wouldn't be able to stay online 24/7 like some
might need to.

One possible implementation is a bot which synchronises the bookmarks between two versions
of Mozilla (actually somebody is workin on this but I forgot who for the time being.)
Ideally you want this to be online all the time, or at least all the time when Mozilla is
running, so you can get the updates as soon as they occur.  But you don't want to logout
of your Jabber client to browse the web either. :-)


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