[jdev] Server component and user presence

Wojtek wode at winuel.com.pl
Mon Mar 22 07:13:32 CST 2004


I want my component behaviour to depend on user presence.

If user sends some <iq-1/> request to the component it starts
sending some messages (events) to the user (with respect to
user's resource).  But if user's resource becomes unavailable,
offline or sends another <iq-2/> request the service should stop
sending messages until it gets an <iq-1/> request again.

(Offline messages should still work for comunication between

How can I check user's presence in my component?
How is it done in transports (ICQ, ...) for example?

<bcc/> tag of <jsm/> configuration section causes a flood
of all users presence.  I don't like it.

Thanks in advance


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