[jdev] Server component and user presence

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Mon Mar 22 11:42:26 CST 2004

The easiest way is to have your client direct a presence packet at your

<presence to='component.example.com'/>

When it wants to start using the service, and an unavailable when it wants
to stop:

<presence type='unavailable' to='component.example.com'/>

If the client logs out or is disconnected, JSM will send the unavailable to
the component automatically.

Joe Hildebrand


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> Subject: [jdev] Server component and user presence
> Hi,
> I want my component behaviour to depend on user presence.
> If user sends some <iq-1/> request to the component it starts 
> sending some messages (events) to the user (with respect to 
> user's resource).  But if user's resource becomes 
> unavailable, offline or sends another <iq-2/> request the 
> service should stop sending messages until it gets an <iq-1/> 
> request again.
> (Offline messages should still work for comunication between
> users.)
> How can I check user's presence in my component?
> How is it done in transports (ICQ, ...) for example?
> <bcc/> tag of <jsm/> configuration section causes a flood of 
> all users presence.  I don't like it.
> Thanks in advance
> Wojtek
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