[jdev] Jabber test program and protocol

Helck, Christopher chelck at ebs.com
Wed Mar 24 17:11:23 CST 2004

Is there any interest in developing an open source test harness and protocol
for jabber?

I'm thinking of something along the lines of JUnit except that tests are
written in XML. The test harness connects to a jabber component and sends
stanzas to the component. It collects replies from the component and
compares them against expected results. So here's a sample script:

    <iq type="get"  .../>

      <iq type="result" ... />

The elipsis are not part of the script -- I'm just a lazy typest. Obviously
the protocol is more involved. Assertions based on smart XML comparisons,
regex, and XPath could be supported. Timeouts would have to be handled. A
single test script could talk to multiple components. I'd like to be able to
run the test against processes and libraries. The later allows more
JUnit-like unit testing. Some sort of support for properties is needed.
Plugins and so on.

You could use this tool to test jabberd, muc, or clients.

At this point I'm mostly interested in the test script protocol. If it were
an open source protocol than someone else could implement the test harness
itself :-). Could such a protocol become a JEP? 


-C. Helck

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