[jdev] Implementing db:result with JSO

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Mar 25 10:29:32 CST 2004

This behavior was a hold-over from past days, and should be fixed in 
CVS[1].  Please let me know if it has not by filing a bug report on 

-  LW

[1]  Periodic distribution builds are made from CVS, and placed at 
http://jso.jabberstudio.org/files/dev/, if you are unable to utilize the 
CVS repository directly.

Daniel Tietze wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm having a hard time figuring out how to
> implement the db:verify and db:result stanzas
> with JSO extensions.
> Specifcally - how can I add *content* to the
> packet?
> I can get a packet that sends itself as
> <db:result xmlns='jabber:server' from='bla.go4teams.com'
> to='somewhereelse.go4teams.com' id='whatever' />
> But I can't get one like this:
> <db:result xmlns='jabber:server' from='bla.go4teams.com'
> to='somewhereelse.go4teams.com' id='whatever'>
> some-string
> </db:result>
> as would appear to be required, as per
> http://www.pipetree.com/jabber/jdp/x175.htm
> I apologize if this is just me being dense (or that
> thing about the forest and the trees), but I'd
> apreciate a nudge in the right direction.
> Regards,
>     Daniel

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