[jdev] Help parsing incremental XML

Kevin Zablonski kzablonski at riches85.com
Fri Mar 26 21:40:22 CST 2004

I am developing an IM client/server application for the visually impaired
that will make use of the Java Speach API.  I am developing it as a senior
project and I am stuck on the XML parsing.  I am having trouble finding a
technology that will allow me to parse XML incrementally.  The client will
connect to the server over a socket connection.  From there, the client
and the server will continually pass small XML streams back and forth.  I
have done some research into SAX and DOM, but it looks as if they expect
the whole document at once.  I was just wondering if it was possible and
if so, what technologies are being used.  I could just use some direction
direction right now.  I would appreciate any suggestions and/or comments
that could stear me in the right direction.  Thanks in Advance.

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