[jdev] Help parsing incremental XML

JD Conley jconley at winfessor.com
Sat Mar 27 00:08:09 CST 2004

That sort of parsing is the basis of XMPP/Jabber.  In many cases SAX and
DOM parsers do require the whole document.  But there are parsers that
will parse a stream as it comes in.  I'm not sure how it's usually done
in Java -- I'm a .NET guy myself -- but there are a few open source Java
Jabber libraries available that you can look at.  The list of the most
complete/popular libraries is here:

Are you using Jabber for your project?  If not, you should check into
it.  It will allow you to send your application's XML as payload in
Jabber stanzas and will handle the routing, authentication, and all the
particulars you probably don't want to worry about.


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> Subject: [jdev] Help parsing incremental XML
> I am developing an IM client/server application for the 
> visually impaired
> that will make use of the Java Speach API.  I am developing 
> it as a senior
> project and I am stuck on the XML parsing.  I am having 
> trouble finding a
> technology that will allow me to parse XML incrementally.  
> The client will
> connect to the server over a socket connection.  From there, 
> the client
> and the server will continually pass small XML streams back 
> and forth.  I
> have done some research into SAX and DOM, but it looks as if 
> they expect
> the whole document at once.  I was just wondering if it was 
> possible and
> if so, what technologies are being used.  I could just use 
> some direction
> direction right now.  I would appreciate any suggestions 
> and/or comments
> that could stear me in the right direction.  Thanks in Advance.
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