[jdev] Jabber Source and Sinks

Nicholas Perez nick at jabberstudio.org
Sat Mar 27 02:49:20 CST 2004

How about clarifying your imperative and interrogatory? What do you want 
to know? You still do not properly define the roles of your "sink" and 
your "source."

You could do /both/ "all programs". It is trivial to rewrite attributes 
on packets, send them on their merry way and also to listen for inbound 

If English is your primary language, what English teacher in their right 
mind would graduate you? And if English isn't your primary language, 
then I apologize, but you need to borrow a more fluent friend and get 
them to put to words your ideas.

Tenny wrote:

>I want to develop Jabber Source and sink. 
>Jabber Source means the source application should register with Jabber server (user at jabber.org) and should wait for the messages reaching at this id. And the sink application is that it should forward the messages coming to a particular JID.
>So which all programs should I use.
>Reading the message from the Source JID (source at jabber.org)  from the Jabber Server.
>Forwarding the message to a particular Sink JID (sink at jabber.org) to the jabber server.
>Please Clarify
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