[jdev] Jabber Source And Sink

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Sat Mar 27 04:35:11 CST 2004

Hi guy,
i am familiar with the terms source and sink, so i guess you are from 
the computer science front :-)

i guess you want some sort of a robot forwarding from one jid to another 

there is no program to do this (Someone can write it). you need to write 
it your own.


Tenny wrote:

> I want to develop Jabber Source and sink.
> Jabber Source means the source application should register with Jabber 
> server (user at jabber.org <mailto:user at jabber.org>) and should wait for 
> the messages reaching at this id. And the sink application is that it 
> should forward the messages coming to a particular JID.
> So which all programs should I use.
> Reading the message from the Source JID (source at jabber.org 
> <mailto:source at jabber.org>)  from the Jabber Server.
> Forwarding the message to a particular Sink JID (sink at jabber.org 
> <mailto:sink at jabber.org>) to the jabber server.
> Please Clarify

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