[jdev] Test server for IDN domains

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Tue Mar 30 08:58:04 CST 2004


I have setup a Jabber test system that runs on an IDN (internationalized
domain name, a domain name not only containing ASCII characters).

The system is "jäbber.de" ... if you send a message to this address and
the server (and client) you are using does support IDNs, you will get an
automated response telling you that the message has arrived at

I only tested Psi and tkabber so far but both seem to accept IDNs in the
domain part of a JID. Not sure if all clients do. On the server side I
am only aware of amessage yet that has upgraded to support IDNs but I
hope this will change. (As far as I know not even jabberd2 does support
IDNs at present.)

Tot kijk

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