[jdev] Data forms, jabber:iq:register, jabber:x:data and the <x/> tag

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Tue Mar 30 12:28:33 CST 2004

Dr. Craig Hollabaugh wrote:
> Question 1: Is it within the Jabber way to include a node attribute in
> the query tag for a data form registration query?

No, as stated elsewhere, the <query> element in the jabber:iq:register namespace
does not allow a node attribute.

> Question 2: Did the Jabber architects intend to map 'service discovery
> node feature vars' to 'data form field vars'?


>  a. live with <x/> extention approach of Data Forms and the
> jabber:iq:register namespace

Yes. Ideally, you could use adhoc-commands, but you'll need to convince client
developers to add support for it. You could always do both. If I understand you
correctly, you want to use iq:register to "SET" values on the various devices.
Instead of using a node attribute to do this, simply include a hidden field in
the x-data form that has that value. When a client submits the register back to
you, that hidden value should be included in the response. The other way around
this, would be to map the device-id's to "user" part of a JID: like this:

    vertical.ch1.scale at scope1.foo.org

>  b. define a new namespace to use instead jabber:iq:register for IQ
> queries

This is not a good idea, since you would need to add support for this namespace
into all clients.

>  c. use the jabber:x:data as the new namespace for IQ queries

Same problem as (b).

>  d. wait for new namespace to be devised that generalizes data form
> queries away from jabber:iq:register

This is essentially what adhoc commands is. You just need more widespread
support in clients.

Hope this clears some things up.


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