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Cui, Fanzhe fanzhe.cui at intel.com
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 You raised a good point in terms of using jabber for distributed
That is what I have been trying to do with Jabber. The beauty of Jabber
is aimed at cross platform portability. I am trying to implement a
functionality with jabber to transmit XML stanzas between different
processes in the same or different PCs. Each process are acting as
jabber client, and the jabber servers acting as a XML hub to coordinate
between these clients. 


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I am a newbie. 

I think Jabber website has very poor resources for
client-side developers. I understand that there is no
need for another chat client, but what about people
that want to use Jabber for distributed computing? I
think Jabber is really a great platform for cluster
computing. Some details like connection,
disconnection, fault-tolerance, logging are all
built-in. I mean, Jabber has a huge potential as a
developer's tool, yet you can't tell it from the
website. Just as a standardized log monitoring
utility, its value is already unbelievable. I think
Jabber's focus is misplaced: it tries only to portray
itself as public chat utility for general audience,
forgetting that itself is a good developer's tool:
like XML-RPC, Zope, etc. The website really ought to
separate the general-consumer part from the developer
part, and maybe have some topic guides, or even some
Wiki for developers.

There is no tutorial and sample usage of the protocol
on the website, at all. The RFC-style protocol
description is just not good for someone that is

Could someone point out some resources to me? Some
websites? I would like to use Jabber from C++/C# and

I have been able to send simple messages from Python,
but I'd like to know things like how to open a
chatroom, join a chatroom, etc. And other features
like how to send/receive files. If someone knows where
to get started with C++/C#, that would be great, too.

(I know, I may just have to buy the book. But this is
unusual, for other software utilities, I usually have
been able to try out first, get some familiarity, and
then decide whether I need a book.)


Hung Jung

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