[jdev] Developer resources

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Wed May 5 15:08:04 CDT 2004

Hung Jung Lu wrote:
> instead of 5 days. I am just wondering why there is no
> such a page (programming-language independent or
> dependent, doesn't matter) in Jabber.org.
There are (and there have been) plans for something like 
jabbercentral.com which is primarily going to focus on end-users but 
we're planning to extend that to developers when the end-user side is up 
and running.

I've recently been talking to Justin Karneges about this and I think we 
can get a nice site going. I just need to create some time out of the 
void :D First have to round up some other project that have kept me tied 
up for the last couple of, eeeh, months :\ Hmm, need to find the 
motivation :D Guess that's a better way to put it :D

forums.jabbercentral.org is up and running (but rather dead at the 
moment). You are more than welcome to vent your ideas regarding this 
'help the endusers/developers out there' kind of site.


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