[jdev] Windows C++ client libraries

Phil Wilson p.wilson at zoo-tech.com
Mon May 10 04:39:44 CDT 2004

> Depends on what you mean by 'native'. If you mean it was designed and 
> implemented to run only on windows, then I am not aware of 
> any. 

Sadly this is what I was after. All my previous Jabber work has been
Java-based and I've been spoilt for choice.

> OpenAether, http://www.openaether.org , this is my project 
> and it works 
> on *nix, osX and win32. It uses apr for platform portability and 
> xerces-c for sax and dom.
Really? I'd have looked a bit harder at it had the README.win32 alluded to
in the oapr README existed. ;)



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