[jdev] Jabber and Flash: (seemingly) unprovoked stream errors

Sean Voisen listsubscriber at voisen.org
Thu May 20 11:17:10 CDT 2004

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Kirschner, Larry wrote:

> Sometimes this all works well. Other times, flash successfully connects
> to jabber, joins the room, even gets a few events from the room, but
> then out of nowhere gets a <stream:error>Disconnected</stream:error> and
> jabber closes the connection. Once it gets into this state, the scenario
> seems to repeat over and over. I've run TCP dump to see if I'm
> inadvertently sending anything to jabber from flash, and I'm not.

Hi Larry,

There are definitely issues with Flash's XMLSocket, but I don't think I've
ever run into this behavior before. You said that after joining, your
client doesn't send any further messages to the MUC room ... I'm wondering
if it's related, but I don't think MUC needs messages in order to keep the
connection alive :)

I've had issues with the MUC component dying on me after long periods of
inactivity, but nothing as you describe. What server are you running?

- Sean

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