[jdev] Jabber plugin: WASTE-Key and Myphone-Video-Chat (both Opensource)

Euseval at aol.com Euseval at aol.com
Sat May 22 03:20:36 CDT 2004


I have a question to the pugins for Jabber.
Jabber offers to nearly every messenger-protocol a plugin-gate, so you can message to AOL/MSN/YAHOO(IRC/ICQ-Buddies, to mention the main vendors. 
As well a jabber-account could be used.
So Jabber is really a very good multi-instant-messenger-experience (MIME), and is something like trillian, gaim, easymessage or gab/miranda.

Jabber is as well based on interconnected servers. So any account on any server can be found on any server- just a pretty communication ring like the edonkey servers for a filesearch.

Now I want not only by AOL buddies in Jabber, but as well the friends with a WASTE-key. You know the project:

It´s the first messenger with a decentral chatroom and architecture, which of course needs for bootstrapping as well a servercontact.

So my question is, is there any project up to date, which has the interest to allow WASTE-Buddies to be found over the jabber servers?

Is this the right mailinglist to discuss server development or are you only involved with client development?

Here some of the efarm server developers from the kademlia network have tried some development for a server accepting WASTE-Buddies.

Why is Miranda/Gab not integrating WASTE-Buddies.
maybe this need some servermodification, Padlock fom Via (chip) have made some development as well, but was not sucessful to the serverside and is still in development?!

Thanks for a reply to the integration of jabber into any buddy-feature as a Multi-Instant-Messenger-Expirience (MIME).

See MLDonkey, they are as well a MULTI-Donkey (was: Ocaml) and were integrated in many apps.. I think jabber should be the same.. Miranda-Trill-Gaim is based only on the big players, jabber is the only open and community developed thing .. but WASTE as well, so joining this would be a good thing,

Any advantages more ?

The concept would be to integrate the WASTE-Code into a jabber client wich refers only to the buddy list features (no broadcastgin ip idresses, so a stable buddylist, not network style built with friends of friends) and the decentral chatroom features. I think jabber needs as well decentral chatrooms, like AOL AIM offers now as well for even non-Aol Menmbers (AIM Members). 
The client asks for the WASTE-Keys of the buddylist all jabber-servers for the actual Ip adress. If found, then you get contact without any server, so it is only the bootstrapping process to find the buddy. 
Every buddy announces his IP adress and WASTE-KEY at any server when coming online. If one buddy ist not found by the saved IP adress inside the client, then the server is asked with the key for the actual ip adress. This is a small process to code with existing code of Waste. Just ping pong.

Last week I saw a double sided Advetrtisement in a big newsmagazine to use MSN Messenger... It is a big market, there is already a good development of features, see www.skype.com etc.

Would be cool to have this tool as well integrated in the jabber clients:
Then jabber gets video and voice chat as well. Its open source!


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