[jdev] Re: Send alerts via Jabber

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Fri Nov 26 10:39:30 CST 2004

I gmane.network.jabber.devel, skrev Jacob Friis:
>  Is it possible to send alerts via Jabber to any of the supported IM?
>  I have a Debian Linux server with a monitoring system that can send 
>  mails if a host is down etc. I'd like to also send these as IM.
>  The monitoring system is Nagios, and I have found a script that can send 
>  to a Jabber account. (http://www.nagios.org/faqs/viewfaq.php?faq_id=50)
>  Is it possible to send to ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc?

Yes. The monitoring system needs an ordinary account, that ordinary
account registers an account at the legacy system, then it can send to
contacts on that system too. 


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