[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Nov 30 17:15:53 CST 2004

>> If you really are intent on doing this then using pubsub is your only 
>> option if you want your proposal standardised, I dont see it ever being 
>> passed by the council if you do it as a presence extension, and I doubt 
>> the gaim folks would accept any implementation of it into their main 
>> codebase if it has been rejected by the council.
> This is not a fair comment. I've had an offlist discussion about this and 
> suggested some alternatives such as JEP 115 or vcard-temp (VCARDS are used 
> for this purpose in other applications) that could use existing standards. 
> Wether you need pubsub for this or not heavily depends on how feature 
> laden you want to make this proposal. If it is the authors intention just 
> to publish a SIP uri, and potentially some availability data then IMHO 
> PubSub is definatly overkill.

Well thats just your opinion just as I have my opinion, user mood is pretty 
simple and that uses pubsub, I dont see how much simpler you could make this 
voip-uri thing, so I dont see it being simple to be a reason to implement it 
as a presence extension rather than using pubsub since as Julian quite 
elequantly pointed out presence is not really the right place for this 
extension regardless of how simple it is so that just leaves pubsub as the 
only real other mechanism to publish this sort of info to the people that 
are actually interested in it.

Just out of interest how would you see this working using JEP-115 or 
vcard-temp, as this doesnt seem to be IMO inline with the spirit of JEP-115 
and vcards dont get dynamically updated when you change things so wouldnt 
really be useful for expressing voip presence.

I would also want to see the security concerns addressed too as sending the 
voip-uri to people who havent been invited is a potensially bad security 
problem and I have yet to hear any real reason as to why other people (who 
are not part of the session) have any need to know this in the first place, 
as far as I can see it is completely useless to them so as far as I can see 
there is no point in even sending it to them, all they need to know is that 
you are in a call, which could simply be expressed just using 
<presence><show>dnd</show><status>On the phone</status></presence>, I still 
fail to understand why this is even needed given this, I cant really see any 
benefit of having two separate presences one for IM and one for VoIP.


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