[jdev] sending messages to self-organized groups

Artemy Tregoubenko arttreg at mail.ru
Tue Oct 5 08:19:19 CDT 2004

I looked for pub/sub components and found only Idavoll. Is it the only way  
to do pub/sub?

> At one point I was advocated Jabber mailing lists based on pub/sub
> which would do pretty much exactly this. Basically just using pub/sub
> on messages.
> It shouldn't be all that hard to adapt pub/sub to do this.
> Julian
>> Hello.
>> There's an idea i want to realize at my local jabber server. It has
>> something common with mailing-lists and IRC. There should be some
>> groups (i.e. 'sport', 'media') with free membership: any user of this
>> server may join any group or leave it at any time. When user 'A' sends
>> message to a group, the message is broadcasted to all group members,
>> but replies to this message are sent only to 'A' (that differs from
>> mailing-lists). This should be useful (and actually was useful with
>> local icq server) for almost-instant searching, asking questions etc.
>> With slightly hacked icq server the system worked this way: you write
>> message with group name to specific virtual user. Server broadcasts
>> the message to everyone in group, saying it's from you. So everyone
>> else thinks it's a common message from you. Then conversation
>> continues one-to-one.
>> Mailing-lists are not suitable, as they have large delays (2 minutes -
>> too long) .
>> IRC channels (or jabber conferences) do not suit, as they need
>> attention all the time.
>> Sending message to miltiple contacts is bad: every user will have to
>> configure group list himself (supposing 300-400 members per group).
>> Is there any component or something to make this work?
>> I have some ideas how to do this myself, but none of them is really
>> good, because I don't want to edit server code or make users
>> Search-Add-Message every time they want to reply.

Sincerely yours, Arty
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