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Sat Oct 23 12:54:35 CDT 2004


many libs available are LGPL that means it should be no problem to 
use them (as a dll) in a commercial closed source project. Other 
libshave a license that is more restrictive. But as most projects are
single-person projects and the authors have full rights on them they might
be willing to give you a special license if you ask them politely and/or
spend a little money ;) A rather comlete list is on jabber.org. Some of
them are already abandoned others wont match your programming requirements
(computer language, features...).

My own library is the XMPP Client Daemon you can find at 
http://xcd.jabberstudio.org - it is a event based c++ lib

I just released my first testing version and I would be happy if 
someone would try it out :)


On 23 Oct 2004 at 1:50, Jon Phillips wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm working on building jabber functionality into a commercial game, and 
> wonder if there are any prebuilt jabber DLLs that exist out there that 
> could be used with a commercial product?
> I have been working on building loudmouth into a DLL, but would like to 
> save the work if something already exists, or if anyone has loudmouth 
> even built into a win32 dll that could be easily used on win32.
> I looked through the jdev mailing list history, and found references to 
> a jabber.dll in the past, but it doesn't appear that anything has 
> materialized.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Jon
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