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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Thu Sep 2 01:03:27 CDT 2004

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Will Kamishlian wrote:
> My inability to document the Jabberd 2 code base has been an continual
> frustration for me.  When I started jabberdoc, I intended for it to be
> half admin guide and half developer guide.  Thus, after the work I've put
> in, I still see it as only half finished.

Do your docs describe Jabberd 2's database structure? I haven't entirely
made head or tails of how all the tables work together just from looking at
> Documenting the code base for a one-person project is difficult.  I could
> document the Jabberd 2 code base; however, I would need someone who could
> walk the code with me (because I cannot read C). Given the scarcity of
> resources on the project, anyone who could do that would need to devote
> limited time that could otherwise be spent writing code or fixing bugs.

Learn to read C. Good code documents itself.

> In my mind, the question remains as to why these projects have been
> one-person projects.  I feel that the implementation language is part of
> the problem.  Lack of official sponsorship from the JSF may be another.
> Lack of financial sponsorship may be a third issue, and from what I read,
> financial support is not likely to change soon.

One problem with financial sponsorship is who's going to pay for it? The
JSF? Where's the JSF going to get money? Jabber, Inc.? They're not going to
shoot themselves in the foot by paying for a free server. Other people
around the JSF need to start making some money from Jabber. Only then will
"we depend on jabberd, we better hire some one to work on it" become a
> Did the Apache, Mozilla, and RedHat project leaders have any other advice
> on how to attract and retain contributors for collaborative OS projects?
> I suspect there is a lot of accumulated wisdom among these leaders -- it
> never ceases to amaze me how these large OS projects have so many active
> contributors, each of which plays a specific role.

I'm going to take a guess--money. I imagine major contributors to the large
OS projects one way or another benefit from them enough that they invest in

> As much as I hate to say it, I agree that both jabberd's are deficient
> with regard to what many users want from a Jabber server.  If I could
> think of a way to attract developers to Jabberd 2, I'd be doing it now.
> I doubt that putting the "JSF stamp of approval" on Jabberd 2 would change
> the situation.

Take me to your benevolent dictator. :-)

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