[jdev] Proposal : Community site

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Sep 2 02:22:08 CDT 2004

Here is a proposal for some of the problems that were discussed here.

                   *** Create a community site ***

Create a website targeted at end users with :

- Client reviews :
  Review the 2 or 3 major clients on each platform, compare them, etc.

- Documentations :
  - Introduction to Jabber for end users (only prerequisite : knowledge
    of email)
  - Step by step guides to do basic things with Jabber :
    - select a server
    - register on transports
    - join conferences
    (of course, those guides have to be written for each client)

- Forums for discussion and help (end users like them)

Additional ideas :
- The docs could be released under a free license, so other websites
  could re-use them.
- The site could be translated into several languages.

I know some people already did parts of this. It would be great if all
their work could be put together on the same website.

I am not going to work on this myself (I don't have much experience in
this kind of things, and lack time), but I will help if somebody else
takes the lead.
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