[jdev] Proposal : Community site

Stefan Strigler steve at zeank.in-berlin.de
Thu Sep 2 03:26:13 CDT 2004


Am Do, den 02.09.2004 schrieb Lucas Nussbaum um 9:22:
> Here is a proposal for some of the problems that were discussed here.
>                    *** Create a community site ***
> Create a website targeted at end users with :

[ ... ]

I did think about such a community site a lot these days. And I'm very
glad that you happen to start the discussion on this.

Your idea of such a community site has a very technical point of view.
It's more a end-user site than a community site. 

I would suggest to build a community site whereas community means for me
that it offers users a wide range of services (certainly all built upon
jabber if possible) additionally to those end-user informations. Users
would a have:

* a personal account of course (which is a jabber account
* a searchable profile (which merges with the user's vcard of course)
* a blog which can be edited from within jabber (just like the one at
amessage.info). the blog also offers an rss-feed for each user
* a service like jabrss that is customizable by web (additionally)
* forums (with rss-feeds) [not only for help! - on every topic]
* web-integration for groupchats (list them with descriptions, show logs
if available etc.)
* and last but not least a web based jabber client so that they can
start immediately ;-)
... to be continued ...


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