[jdev] Re: Re: The State of Our Code-bases

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Thu Sep 2 05:01:11 CDT 2004

Jacek Konieczny wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 12:48:39AM -0500, Nolan Eakins wrote:
>>So why aren't ISPs giving out Jabber accounts yet? That's gotta do with the
>>state of our code-bases. An ISP isn't going to setup a buggy, incomplete,
>>and hard to manage server. They need the equivalent of an Apache, something
>>they do setup and use.
> I have just switched from jabberd 1.4.x to ejabberd. And it works,
> nearly out of the box (much better than jabberd 2). It is much more
> complete than both jabberd 1.4.x and jabberd 2. It is much more stable
> than jabberd2 (that I could tell after an hour of usage). It is easy to
> manage (Web and Jabber (probably tkabber only) administrator interface).
> It is maintained. The only real problem was SSL bug in Erlang (how to
> patch it is described in ejabberd bug tracker) and bugs in some clients
> (most of them were written to work with buggy, not XMPP-compliant
> jabberd).

I am using it either and ejabberd is in my opinion the best Jabber 
server: scalable through clustering feature and Erlang ability to handle 
*a lot* of connection per virtual machine, fault-tolerant thanks to 
Erlang characteristics, easily extensible. This is a must. I have set up 
a server more than 6 months ago and I did forget about it. No problem at 
all running it.

We are building an EAI solution on top of it called J-EAI 
Version 1.0 should be ready very soon now.


Mickaël Rémond

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