[jdev] XMPP library for server usage..

Jason Ish jason.ish at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 12:49:20 CDT 2004

And preferably Python (C is ok to)...

A while back I was looking at XMPP for use in a custom non-IM
application - well, computer agents talking to each other instead of
people.  Using an existing server (jabberd, etc) was not really an
option as we didn't really need a lot of what was in there, and
extending it didn't look easy.

Nor could I find a library that would allow me to easily craft my own

All I really need is a library that implements XMPP Core that can be
used for the basis of a server?  

I'm not against starting to write one myself based on Twisted - but I
wanted to get some prototyping within our application domain done


p.s. Posting via Gmane doesn't work - even after the verification process.

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