[jdev] Proposal : Community site

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Thu Sep 2 16:58:34 CDT 2004

Will Kamishlian wrote:
> Maybe it's a question of the intended goal?  My goal would be to create a
> community of Jabber end-users.  That's a different goal from providing
> quick start information for end-users.  If my goal were the latter, I
> would *recommend* a wiki.  On the other hand, I'll admit that the goal I
> have in mind may be overly ambitious.
Maybe but it happens to coincide with my goal :)

I'm seeing the same thing with phpBB, we have only a hand full
developers but at the moment there are a _lot_ of volunteers helping
with the site, support, moderation of the forum, keeping documentation
up to date, checking out modifications that users can add, etc, etc.
There is a pretty energetic community around the phpBB product. IMO
that's really good and it helps the project a lot to stay in business
and to attain some continuity.

Jabber has grown a _lot_ in the last year, you see more and more power
users that are potential candidates for keeping a community site up and
running. Most of these people can't program but they do want to
contribute to a project/protocol/whatever that they really like or love.
All we need is a place to get these people together and to give them
goals and opportunities. You see the same thing on the psi forums
(http://psi.affinix.com) where you see a very active community around
Psi. Lots of people contributing to the site, helping with the
documentation, translations and even really useful patches for the
client itself. This is also a great way to attract extra developers
which makes sure that projects are not purely one man shows. Justin is
still the leader of the project (and IMO there really needs to be
someone that draws the line) but if Justin is captured by aliens the
client won't be dead because there is a group of people that know the
code and who know how to continue with and expand the roadmap.

So IMO the main goal should indeed be to get a nice community going but
when we're creating a community site we can just as well add some
quickstart enduser docs :D

I hope to have something ready after my short holiday to Greece (back in
week 38).


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