[jdev] Odigo transport

Oleg V. Motienko mmm at ttn.ru
Fri Sep 3 08:45:46 CDT 2004

Matthias Wimmer wrote:

>An other possible solution to contact Odigo's servers is the IMUnified
>protocol, which Odigo supports to contact their servers. I've made some
>"research" on this protocol, which I "documented" on
>Both protocols might have their problems as Odigo could change both of
>them without affecting their normal customers. The IMUnified protocol I
>guess is not used very much at all as there are no real clients for this
>protocol (beside Yahoo! messenger after patching your registry) ... with
>the protocol of the Java client (I guess they might be using a special
>protocol for their applets, not the "normal" Odigo protocol) they could
>just upload a new version of the applet and change the protocol.
So, we can compare traffic of java client and win32 client. This is 
legal way, I think.
I guess java client use IMUnifed protocol. If it's true, is it possible 
to modify yahoo transport to support Odigo ?

And the last thing: Odigo server was unreachable for a few days last 
week. This is not first time.
I guess, now Odigo server hosted on one phisical computer, which hangs 
sometimes. Anybody have information about?

Regards, Oleg
xmpp: mmm at jabber.ttn.ru

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