[jdev] Re: XMPP library for server usage..

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Sep 3 10:23:12 CDT 2004

In article <5f2d393c0409021049478fec4 at mail.gmail.com>,
 Jason Ish <jason.ish at gmail.com> wrote:

> And preferably Python (C is ok to)...
> A while back I was looking at XMPP for use in a custom non-IM
> application - well, computer agents talking to each other instead of
> people.  Using an existing server (jabberd, etc) was not really an
> option as we didn't really need a lot of what was in there, and
> extending it didn't look easy.

There are a number of people interested in working on a simple Jabber 
server in Python, and I know one person who said he might start work on 
the "kernel" of such a server this month if he finds the time. But 
nothing exists right now.

> Nor could I find a library that would allow me to easily craft my own
> server.
> All I really need is a library that implements XMPP Core that can be
> used for the basis of a server?

Well, even XMPP Core is non-trivial (SASL, TLS, stringprep, etc.). You 
might look at pyxmpp -- Jacek has done a lot of work to make it XMPP 


> I'm not against starting to write one myself based on Twisted - but I
> wanted to get some prototyping within our application domain done
> first.

The problem with Twisted, at least accordingly to the developers I've 
chatted with, is that it's something of a way of life. :-)

> p.s. Posting via Gmane doesn't work - even after the verification process.

Yes it does, because I'm posting from it right now. Your email address 
needs to be subscribed to the list, however (but you can set the options 
to "nomail" so that you don't receive email from mailman).


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