[jdev] ANNOUNCE: PyMSNt 0.7

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Sun Sep 5 04:31:35 CDT 2004

2004-09-05 - PyMSNt 0.7 release 
Wow, lots of changes =) 
* Twisted is in the download tarball for this release (I'll keep it there 
until all the patches I've made make it into a Twisted release) 
* The transport recognises xml:lang. Meaning if you send your initial presence 
with an xml:lang="nl" attribute, the transport will send any messages back in 
Dutch! Translations would be much appreciated. 
* Support for the Roster-Import(1) proposal. Check out Remko's Psi patches to 
see this in action. It's great! Iris patch(2) and Psi patch(3)
* The above change also means that PyMSNt will now work with Jabberd2s3 
* Fixed many bugs (no longer crashes on incoming MSN alerts, and more)

(1) http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org/roster-import.txt
(2) http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~remko/psi/patches/autoimport_iris.diff
(3) http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~remko/psi/patches/autoimport_psi.diff

I've been running this since release since yesterday. It works fine for me.

Enjoy! =)



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