[jdev] Re: Potential partner for server development?

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Mon Sep 6 01:01:57 CDT 2004

Jochen Wolters wrote:
> "Based on the open source Jabber project, the new iChat server in Tiger
> Server lets your company protect its internal communications by
> defining its own namespace, and use SSL/TLS encryption to ensure
> privacy. The iChat server works with both the iChat client in Mac OS X
> Tiger and popular open source clients available for Windows, Linux and
> even PDAs."
> So, I wonder: has the JSF contacted Apple about such a collaboration in
> any way?

If Apple has taken up an open source server, I hope to see them release some
code otherwise it could mean trouble. That does depend on which server they
picked up and if they did pick one up. It would be good to see more [big]
companies on the JSF roll. Hopefully they wouldn't drown out the voices of
us little people.

- Nolan


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