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Lluna is a great app for demonstrating alternate interfaces for XMPP
applications. At no time are you aware that you are using a XMPP server. 

I think another "killer app", actually a "killer technology", that XMPP can
play in is location based services area. Integrating your geographical
location with your presence adds capabilities that no other widely-used open
protocol currently has. As wireless service providers start rolling out the
ability for developers to locate a mobile device (phone, PDA) the interest
in these services will increase.

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> The features that users will ask for would be conference browsing, 
> whiteboarding, and chatting with other surfers, like in Nick Vidal's 
> email. Lluna (http://www.lluna.de/) is pretty much there.

Speaking about LLuna I'd like to give my 2 (Euro)cents:

My killer app is Virtual Presence. I am not aiming at moving MSN or AIM
users over to use Jabber buddy lists. My goal is to get people to use the
Jabber infrastructure without trying to teach them Jabber. I am trying to
provide a new easy user interface for ad-hoc communication on Web pages.
Actually it is just a different user interface for jabber group chat. But to
users it does not appear as a chat channel where you open the chat client
and enter a channel. Choosing and entering chat rooms is done automatically
while they are browsing. 

Jabber is almost perfectly suited as the backbone network for Virtual
Presence. Especially the distributed architecture fits very well to the
architecture of the Web. I see a great chance to get lots of users for the
Jabber infrastrucure. And finally also for the buddy list part. I hope there
will be other Virtual Presence clients for Jabber. Some will also have buddy
lists and users will be able to add people they meet on the Web to their
buddy list. I hope that Jabber and not MSN or AIM push Virtual Presence. The
"proprietary" IM networks could also build VP features on their networks. 

We are currently aiming at computer gamers, MMORPG and multiplayer RPG
users. The goal is that users can walk on the Web with their in-game avatar.
They invest months in avatar creation and leveling. If they could show their
avatar on the Web then they get an additional value from their investment.
Imagine you could use your Ultima Online, DAoC, or WoW character as your
avatar to meet people on the Web. Game publishers seem to like the idea. And
below all that fancy stuff is the Jabber network, lots of Jabber protocol
features, Jabber servers, and Jabber rosters if people want to stay in
contact after meeting by chance. 

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