[jdev] Re: Patches for JIT

maqi at jabberstudio.org maqi at jabberstudio.org
Tue Sep 14 10:06:03 CDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Trejkaz Xaoza wrote:

>> Seems like a cool feature.. but somehow I really think that I have
>> enough trouble allready with explaining end-users when filetransfer will
>> work and when it won't.
>> This "short circuit" will not clear anything up here..
> It won't make it any worse, either.  A file transfer wouldn't have worked via
> JIT before, and it still won't work now.  Easy. :-)

If the gateway supported direct ICQ connections, the need for internal
shortcuts wouldn't even arise, so I'd suggest adding this functionality

"Shortcuts" are also bad from a political point of view. I'd rather like
gateways to send "You're talking to a person that actually uses Jabber,
please use Jabber instead" ;-) than providing support for this strange
behaviour. Otherwise, the Jabber network once again tries to compete with
multi-network IM clients.

> Perhaps what the transport should do is inform each user of their
> silliness, and push the users' JIDs to each other so that they can talk
> directly. :-)



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