[jdev] Gaim -> transport

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Tue Sep 14 10:35:55 CDT 2004

Geoffrey Cross wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a relative newcomer to the jabber world, and this might have been
> discussed or even implemented before: if so, let me know and I'll go away
> again :).
> Anyway, I started looking at jabber a few weeks ago and immediately
> downloaded jabberd2 without thinking.  After a lot of fussing, I've now
> managed to get PyMSN and yahoo-transport (via jcr) working.  However, it got
> me wondering (and I know this has been wondered before) why we don't just
> wrap Gaim into a transport and then we'd have all the transports running in
> one big package.  

I'm curious in how you handle multiple sessions through the transport. 
Is the code around? I'm not a Perl expert, but I'd be interested. This 
approach has been discussed before, but I haven't had time to implement one.


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