[jdev] Re: Patches for JIT

Oleg V. Motienko mmm at ttn.ru
Tue Sep 14 11:56:59 CDT 2004

Oleg V. Motienko wrote:

> Jesper Krogh wrote:
>> Would it somehow be possible to send this information over the legacy
>> transport without breaking things for people using the legacy-client?
>> Eg. sending a hidden message to the user, that only a Jabber-client
>> would notice?
>> (I'm thinking of something like an X-jabber: -header if we were talking
>> SMTP)
> I think AOL can use this information to refuse access to it's servers.
But it's possible to modify JIT to send announces to other JITs (listed 
in config file for ex.) like (user1 at jabber1 online as uin1), so JITs can 
work directly.

Another method - JIT can send message, containing roster contact with 
real jid back to jabber user.

Regards, Oleg
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