[jdev] Gaim -> transport

Geoffrey Cross geoff at visualgeometrysolutions.com
Tue Sep 14 13:30:13 CDT 2004

> Do you have any idea on how stable is the "network-code" part of GAIM is?

So far it seems relatively stable.  I've ran an instance of the wrapped code
for a few days and it's still going.  On the other hand, I've probably
introduced a number of bugs myself.  And not to mention memory leaks...

> I assume you load the gaim lib once, and not every time again for each
> connection. 

At the moment, yes.

> Gaim seems relativly stable when I use it from a client user
> point of view, but still crashes sometimes. Ofcourse if you have 1000
> concurrend users that means those crashes become a 1000 times more
> frequent. But those very well could be mostly in the UI code (and this is
> mostly on Windows, so it could even be GTK rather than GAIM).

Agreed.  But with luck it'll make it easier to debug if we can get it to
crash regularly.

> Still, I'd recommend to admins using seperate instances of your transport
> for seperate protocols, since I do recall GAIM crashing after protocol
> changes by the networks from time to time. Even though the fixes are
> ussually out within hours, I don't see why your MSN transport should be
> down cause Yahoo changed protocols.

No reason not to.  

> It's great to see this, I think escp. AIM/ICQ and Yahoo transports would
> benifit from this (since they most frequently change protocols without
> announcing or transition phase). Funnily enough we've also ended up with a
> Jabber <-> Jabber transport :)


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