[jdev] Re: Gaim -> transport

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Thu Sep 16 23:17:45 CDT 2004

В сообщении от 16 Сентябрь 2004 19:37 Remko Troncon написал(a):
> > But I get your point.  The idea of being able to load the plugins "as-is"
> > is exactly what I would try to achieve.  That way, all the effort goes
> > into building the transport once...
> I personally like the approach PyMSN-t is taking: write a modular
> transport (adaptable to other protocols) in Python, use the protocol
> implementation of Twisted for the protocol specific things. I personally
> have more trust in Python implementations than in the Gaim C libraries.
> They're probably a bit more (easier) portable too.
> That's why it would be cool if protocol-specific effort went into
> Twisted, and that other transports also base themselves on the PyMSN-t
> framework for building transports.
Well, the answer is obviously standard - do it :)
The "gaim transport" is already exists so it gives us a great benefits:
1) we have one more _working_ implementation
2) if we will decide to go python+twisted way we have more time for 
3) freedom to choose from.

Personally I waiting for publication of this piece of code under free license 
to take a look at it [ and modify for my needs ].

Alexey Nezhdanov

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