[jdev] RE: Gaim Transport testing

Geoffrey Cross geoff at visualgeometrysolutions.com
Wed Sep 22 05:02:58 CDT 2004

I've had not one person help test this thing!  There's not going to be
anything released unless we can test this a little bit :).  

I think that realistically we need to try to get 50 or so accounts online at
a time in order to see how GAIM copes under that kind of pressure.  So far
it's been up and running for 24 hours without any noticeable memory leaks or
other problems.


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> From: Geoffrey Cross [mailto:geoff at visualgeometrysolutions.com]
> Sent: 21 September 2004 16:58
> To: 'Jabber software development list'
> Subject: Gaim Transport testing
> Hi,
> After a lot more work than I ever imagined, I've now got a pre-alpha very
> hacky version of the Gaim Transport running on gw.vgsmail.com.
> Currently limitations:
> 1) It might fall-over at any point: I'm going to monitor it, so if it
> SEGVs  I'll have to restart it;
> 2) Limitations:
>      i) currently subscriptions will not be passed through to the legacy
> network, so only your CURRENT buddies can be added to your Roster;
>      ii) there is no way of neatly unregistering;
>      iii) I am currently only running a single instance of the gateway and
> so subscriptions will be for the MSN network only.  If you'd like to add a
> Yahoo account (tested relatively thorougly) or an AIM/ICQ account (tested
> very briefly) account, please email me directly;
>      iv) Some of the presence translations might be a bit funny(i.e.
> 'away' on AIM appears as 'dnd' on Jabber);
>      v) If a login fails more than 3 times the account will be disabled
> (to re-enable it, just register again).
> I wonder if we should move this discussion (and the inevitable bug
> reports) elsewhere?
> Geoff.

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