[jdev] xmppd.py first release

Byron Ellacott bje at apnic.net
Fri Sep 24 00:40:26 CDT 2004

Алексей Нежданов wrote:
> (*Hackable) - a python project. Do not know though is it really the common 
> language.

Python's syntax is relatively simple and uncluttered, which makes it 
easy to pick up.  It's more closely related to C and Java than Erlang, 
though the wealth of list operations often escapes C and Java 
afficiondos to begin with.  Python is also very expressive.  You can 
generally accomplish more with less, using Python instead of one of the 
C family of languages.  Python is also quite robust, since you don't 
have to deal with pointers or memory management: everything is an 
instance of an object.


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