[jdev] xmpppy 0.1.1 release

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Fri Sep 24 06:19:35 CDT 2004

В сообщении от 24 Сентябрь 2004 14:01 Jacek Konieczny написал(a):
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 08:48:10AM +0400, Alexey Nezhdanov wrote:
> > For less emotional and more rational comparsion here is xmpppy features:
> > ==============
> > about 4 types of callbacks.
> Presence and Message handlers "callbacks". Each handler may be
> registered for specific type (but not "error") and payload namespace.
> Many handlers with different priorities for one stanza "pattern" may be
> registered.
> Iq stanza handlers for type "get" and "set", one unique handler per
> type and namespace pair. Result/error/timeout handlers for <iq/> stanzas
> sent.
> Several callbacks (or methods to override) for stream state changes,
> authentication, etc.
Ok. I will unfold my cb features too.
In xmpppy callbacks is also called "handlers" You can register any number of 
callbacks for any fird-level node name 
(iq/message/presence/handshake/features/...), type, namespace, payload 
namespace and any combinations of them. When handler is done with stanza it 
raises NodeProcessed exception and the dispatcher skips all handlers that is 
not marked as "system" (and you can register system handler too).
Also there are "cycle handlers" that is called each time dispatche is called 
(used for IIB), namespace handlers (for any stanza in f.e. "jabber:client" 
namespace), default handler, disconnect handler, event handler (in infant 
state, for things like "file received)

> And some more features:
> - jabber:x:delay (JEP-91)
not in xmpppy
> - vCard
not in xmpppy
> - MUC (not complete, but most important features are ready and usable)
not in xmpppy
> - component support (I guess xmpppy has it too)
yes it is

Also in xmpppy:
In-stream registration/unregistration/password change
Privacy lists handling

So it seems that both libraries is roughly on the same level. Basic features 
presented in both libraries, advanced can be in both or in one only.

So the problem of choosing the right one comes to the XML processing way in my 
POV - either you wants standart python libxml - then you choose PyXMPP, or 
you can choose simplexml way and then you will be frient of xmpppy.

Alexey Nezhdanov

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