[jdev] [m at tthias.net: JCR and the expat bug]

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Mon Sep 27 06:58:06 CDT 2004

> I tried to send the attached mail to P. Curtis, but today I got a bounce
> from my mailserver, telling me, that the mail could not be delivered.

Well, it seems the list did not like the attachment. Therefore inline:

Hi Paul!

I guess JCR is affected by the expat bug in jabberd14 as well. I
propose, that you remove the included expat as well and link against an
external installation of expat.
This requires the following changes:

in jabberd of JCR remove the following files:
hashtable.c, xmlparse.c, xmlrole.c, xmltok.c

in lib of JCR remove the following files:
asciitab.h, hashtable.h, iasciitab.h, latin1tab.h, nametab.h, utf8tab.h,
xmldef.h, xmlparse.h, xmlrole.h, xmltok.h, xmltok_impl.h

in lib/lib.h modify the include of "xmlparse.h" to include <expat.h>

Link the result against libexpat.so.

Tot kijk


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